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The Counseling and Guidance program at Woman’s College (now at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG)) begun in 1959 when Dr. Marian Franklin was employed to teach a course in “Principles of Guidance” through the School of Education. The program expanded in 1965 when the UNCG Graduate Board and Consolidated University Board approved Doctoral Programs in School Counseling and in Student Development. In 1974, permission was granted to offer a third degree program track in Community Career Counseling. It was also during this time that a revision of the M.Ed degree in Counseling and Guidance was made raising the minimum requirements for the degree from 32 to 42 credit hours. In 1981, the Department of Counseling and Specialized Educational Development was established and accredited by the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision. In the fall 1992, the department was renamed to the Department of Counseling and Education Development. Since that time, it has consistently maintained its accreditation and is routinely listed by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top counseling programs in the country, including being ranked #2 in 2016. Currently, the department offers Master’s and Doctorate degrees in counseling as well as a Post-Master’s certificate in advance school counseling.


Department Heads:

Charles Prall (1959-1958)

Kenneth Howe (1958-1967)

Robert O’Kane (1967-1974)

David Reilly (1974-1985)

Jon Gary Hoover (1985-1986)

Nicholas Vacc (1986-1996)

DiAnne Borders (1996-2007)

Dale Schunk (2007-2009)

Scott Young (2009-current)


Department Names:

Counseling courses in the School of Education (1959-1981)

Department of Counseling and Specialized Educational Development (1981-1992)

Department of Counseling and Educational Development (1992-current)