Encyclopedia of UNCG History

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The Business Education and Secretarial Science Department was established in 1932. The degree confirmed by the department was referred to as a Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Administration.

In 1940 the title of the department changed to the Department of Business Education and Secretarial Administration.

Up until 1941, a student majoring in Business Education only had two concentration options: business teacher education or secretarial administration. The business teacher education sequence courses were referred to as “Education for Commercial Teachers.” In 1941, a third option was added titled: distributive education.

In 1935, a graduate program in Business Education was approved by the Graduate Council. The Board of Trustees gave approval to the measure during the same year. Graduate work in Distributive Education first appeared in the 1941-1942 UNCG catalogue.

In 1963, the Department of Business Education and Secretarial Administration split into separate departments. The Business Education merged with the Department of Economics to become the Department of Economics and Business Administration. The Secretarial Administration became the Department of Education and Secretarial Administration.


Department heads:

  • B. Frank Kyker (1932-1938)
  • Albert S. Keister (1938-1940)
  • McKee Fisk (1940-