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Eva Doris McKinney
Eva Doris McKinney

On September 1, 1970, Eva Doris McKinney was hired by the School of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, as a professor in the Physical Education Department.  While at UNCG, she taught numerous courses including Psychology and the Athlete and Learning and Performance of Physical Skills.

McKinney published a textbook titled Motor Learning: An Experiential Guide for Teacher in 1985.  She also served as an advisor to both masters and doctoral students.  In addition, she served on a variety of committees at the university and department level.  Ms. McKinney was awarded the Alumni Teaching Excellence Award at UNCG in 1986.  Her involvement in professional organizations included the Guilford Psychological Society and the American Counseling and Development Associations among many others.

McKinney retired from UNCG on December 31, 1986.




Entry by Lucy Mason, summer 2015 intern

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