Encyclopedia of UNCG History

An online resource for exploring the history of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Kaplan Commons and the Elliott University Center from above, 2008
Kaplan Commons and the Elliott University Center from above, 2008

The Kaplan Commons, created in 2007 and dedicated in 2008 during the Fall Fest, is located on the west lawn of Elliott University Center. The project was a result of a generous gift by Randall Kaplan and Kathy Manning and it was named in their honor.

The scope of the project included extensive re-landscaping, new trees, flowering plants, and a new area irrigation system, as well as benches and walkways. The walkways were created to converge into a central point with two large sculptures: “Mohawk” by Andy Dunnill and “The Lion’s Roar” by John Isherwood.

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