Encyclopedia of UNCG History

An online resource for exploring the history of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

In 1938, Dean of Administration Walter Clinton Jackson approved the first formal religious course for students which focused on the life and teachings of Jesus. It was not until thirteen years later, in 1951, that the university began adding more religious courses to its catalog under the Department of Philosophy. In keeping with the trend […]

The Counseling and Guidance program at Woman’s College (now at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG)) begun in 1959 when Dr. Marian Franklin was employed to teach a course in “Principles of Guidance” through the School of Education. The program expanded in 1965 when the UNCG Graduate Board and Consolidated University Board approved […]

The first class in speech correction at Woman’s College (now UNCG) was offered in 1959 through the School of Education. In 1962, the Department of Drama and Speech was created and was later renamed as the Department of Communication and Theater in 1977. The department split in 1994, with the establishment of the Department of […]

In 1896, the State Normal and Industrial College (now UNCG) established the Department of Reading and Elocution which later was renamed the Department of Expression in 1907. The department changed names again in 1918 to become the Department of Elocution and Public Speaking. From 1919 to 1947, courses on public speaking were offered through the […]

In 1989, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) introduced its Freshman Seminar Program, which was designed to give students the opportunity to study a topic in depth, while satisfying some portion of the All-University Liberal Education Requirements. The seminars were small discussion classes (maximum enrollment of 20) taught by faculty selected for their […]

UNCG began offering classes in chemistry in 1893, under the Department of Science. Until 1900,  students who concentrated their studies in science took chemistry courses during their sophomore year. In 1900, the Department of Chemistry and Physics was created out of the Department of Science. The department split the following year in 1901 to form the […]

A concentration in Environmental Studies was created in 1971 in the B.A. in Geography offered by the Department of Geography. In 1974, the name of the concentration changed from “Environmental Studies” to “Earth Science/Environmental Studies.” The concentration remained in Geography until 2019, when it was renamed “Earth Science.” An interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Program within the […]

In 1963, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro began offering classes in recreational studies under the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation which later became the School of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance in 1980. The Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies branched out from the School in 1984, in response to […]

In February 1957, Woman’s College established the Department of Nursing Education to administer a two-year associates degree program. This program was a collaboration between the newly-built Moses Cone Hospital and Woman’s College. It was the first associates degree in nursing education program in North Carolina and one of the first in the United States. The Department […]