Encyclopedia of UNCG History

An online resource for exploring the history of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

The University of North Carolina chapter of Delta Pi Epsilon, honorary graduate fraternity for men and women in Business Education, was chartered on the Woman’s College (now UNCG) campus June 23, 1942. D. D. Lessenberry, national president of Delta Pi Epsilon and director of commercial education at the University of Pittsburgh, installed the Zeta chapter […]

In 1921, the college organized an honor society, Tau Pi Delta, to recognize campus leaders. The eleven charter members were selected on the basis of college spirit, character, intellect, leadership, and special ability. In 1923, the members decided to disband, stating that the group’s existence went counter to the notion that the “all-round type of […]

Until 1909, North Carolina Day was celebrated in October at the school with special events and programs. In 1909, North Carolina Day was dedicated to the memory of founding president Charles Duncan McIver. Alumnae met in locations across the state, and students placed wreaths on his grave at Green Hill Cemetery in Greensboro. In 1911, […]

The Class of 1898 began the tradition of having designated class colors by selecting green and white as their class colors. The three classes that followed chose red and white, lavender and white, and blue and white. These became the official colors, and they rotated through the years. The first classes wore hats in their […]

Literary societies were first established at State Normal in 1893. In 1918, the school had grown to such a size that a third group was added, the Dikeans. The Dikean Literary Society was originally comprised of members of each of the other two Societies, and then began to induct its own members by 1919. Its name is […]

The Cornelian Literary Society was established in 1893 as one of the two original campus literary societies. Founded and organized by Alice Green, it was originally known as “G” before being renamed the Cornelian Society. This name honored Cornelia, the mother of the Gracchi Twins of Roman legend. Their colors were blue and gold, and […]

The Adelphian Literary Society was one of two original literary societies founded in 1893. Dr. Charles McIver picked Mary Arrington to lead in the organization of the “A” society. She eventually became its first president. It was decided that the colors of the Society would be red and gold and their emblem to be a […]