Encyclopedia of UNCG History

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Tree Day began with the Class of 1895, which, on Arbor Day, planted a tree on campus and arranged a special program. The tradition then became to plant the class tree in the freshman year, and in the following years to hold a celebration commemorating the occasion. Classes continued the tree planting tradition until 1910, […]

The tradition of Rat Day at Woman’s College began in the 1930s as part of the initiation process of the four campus literary societies. This annual one-day event typically took place during the month of October or November and was promoted as a fun time of getting to know one another.  In reality, it was […]

Standing near the southwest end of the Dining Hall, near the Jackson Library Tower, is UNCG’s University Clocktower. The Clocktower was a gift to the University by members of the Class of 1941 as part of their 50th class reunion. The Class raised approximately $45,000 to support the construction of the Clocktower in 1991. On […]

The tradition of the Daisy Chain is not unique to the State Normal and Industrial School (now UNCG), although it was one of the campus’ earliest customs. Other American women’s colleges, such as Vassar, had decorated their halls with daisy chains for their graduation festivities, and State Normal followed suit. The college created its first Daisy […]